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Structured with two concurrent sessions, the Annual Symposium features a multitude of opportunities for networking, plentiful speaking slots for selected early-career scientists, and unique workshops for students and educators alike. The Protein Society proudly encourages abstract submissions for Young Investigator and Contributed Talks from its members.  Over the last two years, 25% of the program talks were from open submissions. 

Please note - Symposium Sessions begin at 8:30 a.m. on July 9, and end around noon on July 12. We encourage you to arrange travel so that you are able to take advantage of the full day of sessions on both days.


Preliminary Program & Speakers

Session Speakers Affiliations
Phase Transitions & Mesoscale Structures

Mike Rosen
Amy Gladfelter
Emmanuel Levy

UT Southwestern Medical Center
U of North Carolina
Weizmann Institute of Science

Multiplexed Protein Science: Deep Mutational
Scanning & Applications
Deborah Marks
Christian Cunningham
Doug Fowler

Harvard U
U of Washington

Creativity in Drug Discovery Nathanael Gray
Nir London
Celia Schiffer

Harvard U
Weizmann Institute of Science
U of Massachusetts Med School

Beyond 20 Amino Acids: Unnatural Mutagenesis Mike Jewett
Hiroaki Suga
Farren Isaacs

Northwestern U
U of Tokyo and Peptidream
Yale U

Functional Protein Dynamics & Allostery Martin Weik
Paul Robustelli
Lila Gierasch

IBS, France
D.E. Shaw Research
U Mass Amherst

Protein Engineering for Genome Engineering Keith Joung
Yanli Wang
Blake Wiendeheft

Massachusetts General Hospital
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Montana State U

Proteins in Control of Membranes Phyllis Hanson
Fred Hughson
Oliver Daumke

Washington U
Princeton U
Max Delbruck Ctr for Molecular Medicine

Propagating Aggregated Conformational States Roland Riek
Margaret Sunde
Daniel Jarosz

U of Sydney
Stanford U School of Medicine

Proteins in the Microbiome & Immune System Blanton Tolbert
Seemay Chou
Alejandro Vila

Case Western Reserve U
U of California, San Francisco

Proteins See the Light! Triggered Conformational &
Functional Changes

Carrie Partch
Eriko Nango
Mike Rust

U of California, Santa Cruz
U of Chicago

Proteostasis: From Midlife Crisis to the Death of Proteins

Andreas Martin
Andreas Matouschek
Christine Vogel

U of California, Berkeley
U of Texas, Austin
New York U

Repetitive, Non-Globular Proteins: Nature to Nanotechnology

Aitziber Cortajarena
Tijana Grove
Jennifer Potts
James Murray

Virginia Tech
U of York
Imperial College

2018 Program Planning Committee

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Annual Symposium Attendee Feedback

  • “This was the first conference I have attended, and as an undergraduate, it was an amazing opportunity. My interests were definitely grounded in wanting to pursue a PhD in a biochemical or biomedical field so that one day I could possibly be conducting my own investigations and continue to be part of such an amazing community of scientists.”
     - Anonymous
  • "Topics were relevant and excellent, and the expositors in general were clear to explain them. Also, the organization of the event was great.
    - PS31 Attendee
  • "I've enjoyed TPS meetings because you make more connections here. . . "
    - PS31 Attendee
  • "[TPS Meetings]. . . are much more friendly for undergrads. . ."
    - PS31 Attendee
  • "Great talks held by excellent scientists. The meeting is also well organized and prepared."
    - PS31 Attendee