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Travel Awards

Under the strong belief that attendance at our Symposia presents an invaluable opportunity for future protein scientists, TPS is committed to making it possible for young scientists to participate and benefit from our Annual Meeting. To learn more and apply for a travel award, visit our abstract submissions page and submit your abstract by March 7, 2018.

Hans Neurath Outstanding Promise Travel Award

Sponsored by the Hans Neurath Foundation, with the winner selected by the President of The Protein Society, this award recognizes exceptional research results of early-career scientists with outstanding promise and provides them with the opportunity to present their research at the Annual Symposium. 


  • Post-doctorate, and very early-career scientists within 2 years of an independent research position, excluding assistant professors at U.S. academic institutions and other positions with start-up funds.
  • Applicant or reference of applicant must be member.


Explain your role in the presented research (max. 100 words), publications list (max. 500 words), list of awards/honors (max. 500 words), and one letter of recommendation (must be a Society member if applicant is not).

Awards include:

  • Up to $1,500 in reimbursed travel costs
  • Complimentary 1-year membership
  • Recognition at the Symposium Plenary Awards session
  • Invitation to publish in Protein Science at no cost
  • $500 prize

Finn Wold and Protein Science Travel Awards

The Finn Wold Travel award is sponsored by The Protein Society in honor of Dr. Wold.  The Protein Science Travel Award is sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell. Award selections are made by the Education Committee. Winners receive up to $800 in reimbursed travel costs for international attendees (outside of Canada and USA) and up to $400 in reimbursed travel costs for domestic (Canada and USA) attendees.


  • Undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctorate. 
  • Applicant must be (or become) a member of The Protein Society.


  • Explain your role in the presented research (max. 100 words).

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Hans Neurath was one of the foremost scientists of the 20th century and a man considered one of the founding fathers of modern protein science.

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1909, he attended the University of Vienna. Hans was an avid mountain climber and skier and a first-class pianist. He will be remembered as the person who contributed the most to the field of serine proteases and zymogen activation and, in collaboration with Bert Vallee, to the field of metallo-protein research.

He was the founding chairman of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. After his administrative retirement as department chairman, he became Associate Director of Research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and then, after reaching emeritus status at the University of Washington, he became director of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany. He returned to the University of Washington 2 years later.

Hans was the founding editor of Biochemistry, one of the most prestigious journals in the field and the flagship of some 20 journals published by the American Chemical Society. In 1992, at age 81, he founded Protein Science, the premier journal of The Protein Society, and he served as its Editor-in-Chief until 1998. Furthermore, he edited the most comprehensive treatise on proteins, The Proteins.