The Christian B. Anfinsen Award

Christian B. Anfinsen
1916 – 1995

Established in 1996 and named for Nobel laureate Christain Boehmer Anfinsen, whose research on the structure and function of enzyme proteins contributed to the general acceptance of the “thermodynamic hypothesis”, The Christian B. Anfinsen Award recognizes significant technological achievements and/or methodological advancements in protein research.

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2016 Christian B. Anfinsen Award winner Andreas Plückthun, University of Zurich


The 2016 Christian B. Anfinsen Award recipient is Dr. Andreas Plückthun (University of Zurich). Dr. Plückthun is a pioneer of protein engineering. By combining rigorous biophysical studies with the invention of new combinatorial and evolutionary technologies, he has advanced both basic and applied science. His research greatly contributed to enabling the emergence of antibody engineering, by the use of E. coli as an engineering platform and studies on synthetic antibodies which led to the first fully synthetic antibody library. To create a true in vitro protein evolution technology he developed ribosome display of whole proteins. Through his work, designed ankyrin repeat proteins (DARPins) were created as a robust alternative scaffold for binding proteins. Innovative directed evolution technologies have led to highly stable G protein-coupled receptors that can be used for structural studies and in drug screening. Several engineered therapeutics, developed on the basis of his research, are now in late phase clinical development.

History of The Christian B. Anfinsen Award

Past recipients of the Christian B. Anfinsen Award include: Sachdev Sidhu (2015), Robert Tycko (2014), Tom Alber (2013), Barry Honig (2012), D. Wayne Bolen (2011), Yoshinori Fujiyoshi (2010), Wayne Hubbell (2009), Carol Robinson(2008), Carl Frieden (2007), John R. Yates, III (2006), Matthias Mann (2005), Meir Wilchek (2004), Ada Yonath (2003), Roger Tsien (2002), Martin Karplus (2001), Stephen Benkovic (2000), Alan Fersht (1999), James Wells (1998), Wayne Hendrickson (1997), and Donald Hunt (1996).

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2016 nominations will be accepted starting in May, 2015.

The 2015 awards will be presented at the 29th Annual Symposium of The Protein Society in Barcelona, Spain (July 22-25, 2015).

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