The Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, 1910-1994

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was a founder of protein crystallography as well as a Nobel laureate. The Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award, sponsored by Genentech, is granted in recognition of exceptional contributions in protein science which profoundly influence our understanding of biology.

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2016 Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award winner Rachel Klevit, University of Washington

The 2016 The Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award recipient is Dr. Rachel Klevit (University of Washington). Dr. Klevit’s research contributions have made a profound impact on the way we understand very important aspects of biological chemistry including how phosphorylation alters protein activity, regulation of transcription, and ubiquitylation. From the first structures of a zinc-finger and the RING E3 ubiquitin ligase BRCA1, Dr. Klevit has pushed NMR spectroscopy to establish new paradigms. Her research has been instrumental in understanding the mechanism of disease of two scourges, breast cancer and Parkinson’s Disease. Moreover she has changed the way research in this area is done. Additionally, she is an exceptional mentor of younger scientists and wonderful role model for other scientists and educators at all stages of their careers.

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History of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award

Previous recipients of The Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award recipients include: Eva Nogales (2015), Judith Frydman (2014), Christopher Hill & Cynthia Wolberger (2013), Mark A. Lemmon (2012), Brenda Schulman & Wei Yang (2011), Lila Gierasch (2010), Janet Thornton (2009), Douglas Rees (2008), & Leemor Joshua-Tor (2007).

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2016 nominations will be accepted starting in May, 2015.

The 2015 awards will be presented at the 29th Annual Symposium of The Protein Society in Barcelona, Spain (July 22-25, 2015).

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