The Emil Thomas Kaiser Award

Emil Thomas Kaiser

In 1995, The Protein Society established The Emil Thomas Kaiser Award. Dr. Kaiser’s highly original research, including the profoundly significant discovery of the necessity amphiphilic helices to biological life, can be said to have introduced a new field of chemistry. In this tradition, The Emil Thomas Kaiser Award recognizes a recent, highly significant contribution in applying chemistry to the study of proteins. 

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The Emil Thomas Kaiser Award, sponsored The Protein Society, recognizes a recent, highly significant contribution to the application of chemistry in the study of proteins. The 2014 recipient is Dr. Carol Fierke (Dept. of Chemistry, University of Michigan). Dr. Fierke is being recognized for her exceptional contributions to our understanding of the metal homeostasis, and to understanding of the structure and mechanism of ribonuclease P. Her research has combined metallochemistry, biochemistry, genetics and a wide range of spectroscopic techniques to uncover details of metal affinity, substrate specificity, and roles to catalytic activity in numerous biologically and medically important enzymes. Amongst her groundbreaking achievements include the development of protein-based metal biosensors and techniques for monitoring metal ions in vivo for probing metal transport and toxicity.

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History of The Emil Thomas Kaiser Award

Recipients of the Emil Thomas Kaiser Award include: Wilfred Van Der Donk (2013), Jeffery Kelly (2011), Suzanne Walker (2010), Donald Hilvert (2009), JoAnne Stubbe (2008), Michael Marletta (2007), Barbara Imperiali (2006).  Previous recipients, sponsored by SynPep Corporation, include: Ronald Raines (2005), Homme Hellinga (2004), Michael Hecht (2003), and Steve Kent (2002).  The award was previously named the Amgen Lectureship, under which recipients included Robert Sauer (2001), David Eisenberg (2000), Randy Schekman (1999), M. Yoshida (1998), Stan Prusiner (1997), T. Tsukihara and S. Yoshikawa  (1996), and, Jane and David Richardson (1995).

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2015 nominations will be accepted starting in May, 2014.

The 2014 awards will be presented at the 28th Annual Symposium of The Protein Society in San Diego, California (July 27-30, 2014).