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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee plays a vital role for the Society, identifying and involving talented scientists from diverse backgrounds, locales, disciplines, sectors, and research interests for potential Council service.


Raquel Liebermann
Georgia Institute of Technology

Tobin Sosnik
University of Chicago

Education Committee

The Education Committee strives to facilitate discussions about education at the undergraduate and graduate levels in protein science. They believe protein science is a vital component of curricula in chemistry, biology, medicine, and the disciplines that bridge these fields.

The aim of the Committee is to provide forums for discussion and debate about protein science through integral programmed elements at Society meetings, both national and international, and through web-based media. In addition to discussions around curricula, they also hope to provide opportunities for conversation and mentorship of practitioners of protein science through the development and training of their careers. A critical role of the Committee will be to increase membership in the Society by recruiting students and recruiting faculty for whom teaching is a significant part of their livelihood.

The Education Committee hosts an Educator's Luncheon, Undergraduate Research Session, and the Education & Mentoring Mixer at the Annual Symposium.


Matt Gage
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Publication Committee

The Publication Committee works with the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief in managing and negotiating the publication contract for Protein Science with the journal publisher, addressing publication issues, and providing input on the journal at the request of the Editor-in-Chief. 

It is the Committee’s responsibility to: 

  • Provide input on a journal budget.
  • Conduct an annual assessment of journal status.
  • Review the Editor-in-Chief for term renewal as requested by the President.
  • Initiate the search for a new Editor-in-Chief at the end of 2 terms.


Doug Barrick
Johns Hopkins University 

Diversity Committee

Protein science is an integrative and inclusive endeavor that utilizes concepts and methods from a diverse array of disciplines to strive for a more complete understanding of the role that proteins play in biological structure and function across many levels. As a membership-based society and leader in its field, The Protein Society values and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its societal endeavors. We, therefore, strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for all of our constituents, where everyone is treated with respect and is encouraged to contribute their unique strengths and abilities to our shared mission. We are committed to acting on these principles for the betterment of the field of protein science and all activities with which The Protein Society is engaged.


Charles L. Brooks III
University of Michigan

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is involved with developing plans to attract new members and retain existing members. At the Annual Symposium, the Membership Committee hosts the New Member Welcome Breakfast/Business Meeting, giving members an opportunity to speak with Society leadership.


Mary Munson
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Mentoring Committee

The mission of the Mentoring Committee is to enhance networking between early-career scientists and established protein researchers in academia, government and industry.

Formerly the Career and Networking Committee (formerly the Young Protein Scientists Committee!) volunteer members formed the Committee in 2001 with the goal of enhancing communication and networking between researchers early in their career and more experienced researchers. Since then, the Committee has successfully sponsored or co-sponsored career panels, workshops on career development, and networking events each year at the Annual Symposium. One of the most significant contributions to the meeting has been the introduction of Young Investigator talks to the sessions (selected from submitted abstracts), which provide early-career researchers the chance to give talks as part of the scientific program.

Each year, the Mentoring Committee hosts career panel discussions on various topics, open to all attendees at the Annual Symposium. The Committee also hosts the Education & Mentoring Mixer at the Symposium.


Stephen Fuchs
Tufts University

Awards Canvassing Committee

The Awards Canvassing Committee is responsible for the Protein Society Awards nominations and selections. The Committee is charged with soliciting nominations for all awards to ensure a broad range of high-quality nominees for each awards and the coordinations of judging and award selection 


Giovanna Ghirlanda
Arizona State University