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Member Mini Grants

The goal of TPS's Member Mini-Grant program is to enable our members to hold in their communities events that enhance research in protein science. These could be meetings, seminars, workshops, experiments, networking or other small gatherings that bring groups together to learn, collaborate, share perspectives, and make professional connections. 

TPS also encourages outreach events intended to communicate the unique appeal and fascinating potential of research involving proteins to junior investigators, students, and under-represented minorities. Indeed, we are interested in anything consistent with fostering new protein research and recruiting new protein scientists.

Mini-grants can be for up to $500. Creativity is strongly encouraged. If you can figure out how to make a protein science beach party come together, we will support it! All ideas are welcome - the only restrictions are these:

  • One of the applicants needs to be a current member at the time of the application as well as when the event takes place. 
  • Mini-grants are not intended to fund speakers for other standing meetings.
  • Members who have already received funding can not submit a request during the following calendar year

Submit a mini-grant application.

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The Protein Society is proud to have sponsored the following 2016 member-led meetings and workshops:

Texas Protein Folding and Functions Meeting 
TPS member Jonathan Silberg, Rice University:

TX Protein Folding and Functions- 700pxw.jpg

Attendees at the 2016 meeting.

Biomolecular Machines Conference 
TPS member Nicolas Doucet, INRS-University of Quebec.

Career Pathways in Protein Science
TPS member Shanen M. Sherrer, Duke University

Mini-Grant - creating molecular models of proteins.jpg

Attendees creating molecular models of proteins at Mini-Grant workshop.

Mini-Grant - Dr. Shanan Sherrer giving short talk.jpg

Dr. Shanan Sherrer giving a short talk at the Mini-Grant Workshop.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy

Ageline Lyon, Purdue University