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35th Anniversary Symposium of The Protein Society 

July 7-14, 2021 | Virtual 

Member Rates

Non-Member Rates TPS Membership
(1 Year, Discounted)
includes Full, Lab Staff, Emeritus, Early-Career and other academic memberships)
$100 $300 Full = $150

Lab Staff = $40

Emeritus = $20

Early Career = $80
Graduate Student $40 $105 $40
Undergraduate Student $10 $35 $20
Corporate $175 $450 $250

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Registration is OPEN. 

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The Protein Society heavily subsidizes registration rates for its members. We encourage you to become a member and take advantage of reduced annual meeting fees and much more

Registration Cancellation & Refund Policy
By registering for this event, you are also acknowledging that no refunds or cancellations will be given after June 1, 2021. All registration cancellation requests must be sent by email to symposium@proteinsociety.org.