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You will be presented with a printable receipt when your payment process is complete. Please remember to print this receipt for your records. If you do not see this receipt, your payment was not received. Please e-mail for assistance. Memberships are valid on a calendar-year basis.


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For undergraduate students pursuing a course of study in protein science.


Graduate Students

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For graduate students pursuing a course of study in protein science.


Early Career

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For those who have received their first professional degree in the last 6 years.

Lab Staff

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For academic lab staff in the field of protein science without a graduate degree.


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For those who have held a professional degree for 7 or more years and are active in their respective fields.


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For those who are at least 62 years of age and retired in the field of protein science.


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For anyone who works in industry associated with the field of protein science. 


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