The Protein Society seeks to serve as a nexus for collaboration between protein researchers at all levels of career achievement, from every sector around the globe. If you are aware of resources or other content that you think could be of benefit to your colleagues, please let us know.

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Protein Folding and Dynamics Webinars 

Dr.  Lewis E. Kay (June 15) / Dr. Martin Gruebele (June 29)

QCRG COVID-19 Research Symposium

June 19, 2020

Science Careers

myIDP provides:

  • Exercises to help you examine your skills, interests, and values
  • A list of 20 scientific career paths with a prediction of which ones best fit your skills and interests
  • A tool for setting strategic goals for the coming year, with optional reminders to keep you on track
  • Articles and resources to guide you through the process


National Research Mentoring Network 

The National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) is a nationwide consortium of biomedical professionals and institutions collaborating to provide all trainees across the biomedical, behavioral, clinical and social sciences with evidence-based mentorship and  professional development programming.

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National Postdoctoral Association 

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a member-driven organization that provides a unique, national voice for postdoctoral scholars. The NPA is also a collaborative organization that seeks to work with all stakeholders to improve the postdoctoral experience in the United States. The NPA strives to advance the U.S. research enterprise by maximizing the effectiveness of the research community and enhancing the quality of the postdoctoral experience for all participants. Today's post-docs are tomorrow's faculty.

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American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, "Triple A-S" (AAAS), is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science around the world by serving as an educator, leader, spokesperson and professional association. In addition to organizing membership activities, AAAS publishes the journal Science, as well as many scientific newsletters, books and reports, and spearheads programs that raise the bar of understanding for science worldwide.

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Future of Research

The Future of Research promotes grassroots advocacy among junior researchers according to our mission, to enable them to speak as a voice of junior researchers. They also seek to empower junior researchers by collecting data about academia and scientific training, and make the data available to help them make rational decisions when figuring out how best to use their passion for science to benefit society.

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