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About Sapporo

Sapporo ("important river flowing through a plain" in Ainu language) is the capital of Hokkaido and Japan's fifth largest city. Sapporo is also one of the nation's youngest major cities. 

Sapporo became world famous in 1972 when the Olympic Winter Games were held there. Today, the city is well known for its ramenbeer, and the annual snow festival held in February.

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Meeting Venue

Sapporo Convention Center

Sapporo Convention Center also known as SORA, is a convention center located in Shiroishi-ku, SapporoHokkaidoJapan.


Sapporo Convention Center is located approximately 10 min. by taxi from Sapporo city center. Also, Sapporo's highly-developed public transportation system provides easy assess to all the visitors.

Tōzai Line: 8 minutes walk from Higashi-Sapporo Station.



Nearly all major airlines and airports offer flights to Japan. The country's own two leading airlines, Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA), both serve a broad range of international destinations.

Japan's most important international airport is Tokyo's Narita Airport, followed by Osaka's Kansai Airport, Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Nagoya's Central Japan Airport.

Japan's next largest international airport is Fukuoka Airport, which links the city with several Asian destinations. Many other Japanese airports have a small number of international flights, mainly to Korea and China.


Japan's four major islands, Honshu, HokkaidoKyushu and Shikoku, are covered by an extensive and reliable network of railways. Trains are a very convenient way for visitors to travel around Japan, especially in conjunction with the Japan Rail Pass.


A car is usually unnecessary or even burdensome for exploring Japan's big cities, where it is not recommended. Traffic in large cities tends to be heavy, orientation difficult, and parking inconvenient and expensive. Public transportation, such as trains, subways, buses and taxis are generally a better choice in metropolitan areas.


During the month of July, you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 68°F and 77°F.

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