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 Executive Council (current base price: 0.00)
          Required Key:
 Panelist (current base price: 0.00)
          Required Key:
 PSSJ Invited (current base price: 0.00)
          Required Key:
 PSSJ Member Standard (code can be obtained by email - jimu@pssj.jp) (current base price: 250.00)
          Required Key:
 PSSJ Student Member (code can be obtained by email - jimu@pssj.jp) (current base price: 50.00)
          Required Key:
 APPA Members Standard (current base price: 250.00)
 APPA Student Member (current base price: 50.00)
 PS34 Invited Speaker (current base price: 0.00)
          Required Key:
 Non-Member Graduate Student (current base price: 100.00)
 Non-Member Standard (current base price: 500.00)
 Non-Member Lab Staff (current base price: 500.00)
 Non-Member Early-Career (current base price: 500.00)
 Non-Member Emeritus (current base price: 100.00)
 Non-Member Corporate (current base price: 600.00)
 Non-Member Undergraduate Student (current base price: 0.00)
 Exhibitor Registration (Full Access) (current base price: 0.00)
          Required Key:
 Exhibition Hall Only (current base price: 0.00)
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  • PSSJ member codes can be obtained by e-mail: jimu@pssj.jp.
  • APPA members rates apply to individuals affiliated with institutions in APPA countries, including: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan / Chinese Taipei. Hong Kong, India. Indonesia. Japan, Korea. Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. Please note that in the event your institution and address are not located in an APPA member country, your registration will be cancelled and you will be asked to pay the non-member rate. 
  • Refund Policy: No refunds or cancellations will be given after  May 30, 2020, by 11:59 p.m. PST. All registration cancellation requests must be sent by email to symposium@proteinsociety.org.


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