Call For Nominations: 2018 Awards of The Protein Society

For 31 years, The Protein Society has recognized excellence in protein research by conferring awards to leading researchers from around the world. Members of The Protein Society can nominate any deserving protein scientist, giving them the opportunity to have their name added to the list of our prestigious past recipients.

We will announce 2018 winners in February, 2018, and present them at our 32nd Annual Symposium slated for July 9 - 12, 2018, in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Awards and Requirements

General Requirement: Exceptional contributions to protein science

Stein & Moore Award:  Sustained, high-impact research contributions to the field
Hans Neurath Award:*  Recent contribution of unusual merit to basic protein science
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award:**  Profound influence on our understanding of biology
Emil Thomas Kaiser Award:  Application of chemistry to the study of proteins
Christian B. Anfinsen Award:  Technological achievement or significant methodological advances
Carl Branden Award:***  Additional contributions in education or service
Protein Science Young Investigator Award:  Within 8 years of starting an independent career

 *Sponsored by the Neurath Foundation
**Sponsored by Genentech

***Sponsored by Rigaku 


Congratulations 2017 Award Winners


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