Don't Get Left Behind!

The Protein Society is happy to announce that registration and abstract submissions are officially OPEN for the 32nd Annual Symposium, to be held this year in Boston from July 9 - 12, 2018.

Preliminary Session Topics

  • Phase Transitions & Mesoscale Structures
  • Multiplexed Protein Science: Deep Mutational Scanning & Applications
  • Creativity in Drug Discovery
  • Beyond 20 Amino Acids: Unnatural Mutagenesis
  • Functional Protein Dynamics & Allostery
  • Protein Engineering for Genome Engineering
  • Proteins In Control of Membranes
  • Propagating Aggregated Conformational States
  • Proteins in the Microbiome & Immune Systems
  • Proteins See the Light! Triggered Conformational & Functional Changes
  • Proteostasis: From Midlife Crisis to the Death of Proteins
  • Repetitive, Non-Globular Proteins: Nature to Nanotechnology

Piping Hot Symposium Information

Check out details on our website for information on registration discounts including FREE registration for Undergraduate students; hotel, travel, and Visa information.

We also have information on submitting an abstract to be considered for Young Investigator Talks, Contributed Talks and/or Travel Grants; the deadline to submit is March 7, 2018.
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