Protein Science Special Edition: PS33

From our partners at Wiley, the long-awaited Protein Science 33rd Annual Symposium Abstracts edition is now available. According to The Protein Society President, Dr. Amy Keating, Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
We ran two parallel sessions for most of the meeting, and the hardest choice of each day was which set of terrific talks to attend. Sessions covered topics in protein folding and aggregation, the dynamics and kinetics of protein processes, how proteins respond to force, and much more. Prof. Jeanine Amacher contributed a member-organized session on Selectivity in Protein-Protein Interactions, and Prof. Benjamin Garcia assembled a session on Structural Elucidation of Protein Complexes by Mass Spectrometry. Both were outstanding, and we encourage other members of the society to propose their own ideas for innovative sessions at future meetings. This special issue of Protein Science includes abstracts for the talks, as well as the 400 posters presented.
Thank you once again for making our meeting a huge success. See you in Sapporo in 2020!
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