Diversify Protein Science

The Protein Society is excited to introduce
DiversifyProteinScience.org! Diversify Protein Science seeks to improve exposure for traditionally underrepresented groups in protein science, with the overarching goals of broadening participation, promoting equal opportunities, and recognizing the contributions of diverse scientists.  The initiative was inspired by similar efforts started at the University of Michigan, in the fields of chemistry (Diversify Chem), ecology and evolutionary biology (Diversify EEB) and philosophy (UPDirectory.)

Dr. Amy Keating, President of The Protein Society stated:
My favorite scientific meetings, committees, and events are the ones where I meet new people with novel ideas and perspectives. We all find it hard to include people whom we don’t already know, but now The Protein Society can help. We are proud to launch Diversify Protein Science as a resource to identify individuals from diverse backgrounds who can enrich our understanding as scientists and as human beings. Look up people on our list. Invite them, interview them, listen to them, and engage with them. Make some new friends! We all have much to learn.

The Protein Society values & is committed to diversity, equity, & inclusion in all aspects of its societal endeavors. We strive to provide a safe, supportive environment for all of our constituents, where everyone is treated with respect & encouraged to contribute their unique strengths & abilities to our shared mission. We are committed to acting on these principles for the betterment of the field of protein science & all activities with which The Protein Society is engaged. Please
contact our Diversity Committee Chair, Charles L. Brooks III if you'd like to get involved. 

Please visit
www.diversifyproteinscience.org to learn more! Also, follow us on Twitter: @diversifyps.
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