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The Protein Society (TPS) is a not-for-profit scholarly society that has served as the intellectual home of investigators across all disciplines - and from around the world. Since 1985, we have been involved in the study of protein structure, function, and design. TPS provides forums for scientific collaboration and communication and supports professional growth of young investigators through workshops, networking opportunities, and by encouraging junior researchers to participate fully in the Annual Symposium. The Society’s journal Protein Science, edited by John Kuriyan, serves as an ideal platform for furthering the science of proteins in the broadest possible sense.


To advance state-of-the-art science through international forums that promote communication, cooperation, and collaboration among scientists involved in the study of proteins. 

TPS Membership

The Protein Society members represent an international community of all who share an interest in structure, function, design, synthesis and utilization of proteins. In fact, it is this diversity of disciplines and perspectives represented by TPS members that is the group’s defining characteristic.

Members include chemists, biologists, physicists, mathematicians, and researchers of all stripes, whose collaboration and communication comprise the Society’s core mission. They represent academia, industry, government, non-profits and leading institutions in more than 50 nations.

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Protein Science Journal

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ONLINE ISSN: 1469-896X
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The foundation of TPS is our prestigious journal, Protein Science. With a storied history that includes past Editors in Chief: Hans Neurath, Mark Hermodson, Brian Matthews, and our current editor, John Kuriyan, and a reputation for featuring leading-edge protein research through innovative means, the Journal has grown to become the premier platform for scientists all around the world with a trans-disciplinary focus on proteins. Subject matter encompasses protein structure, function, design, and applications, exploring protein’s critical roles in molecular and cell biology, genetics, proteomics, evolution, and more.

In addition, at the beginning of each year, our partners at Wiley select two “best papers” from articles published in Protein Science during the preceding 12 months. A junior author (typically the first author) is designated as the award winner and invited to give a talk at the following year's Annual Symposium.