Jean S Baum

Education and Positions: A.B. magna cum laude, Barnard College, Columbia University, 1980; Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, 1986; Fulford Junior Research Fellow, Oxford University, 1988; Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, 1988-1994; Associate Professor, Rutgers University, 1994-2000; Professor, Rutgers University, 2000-2009; Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, England, 2009; Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University, 2010-Present.

Research Interests: Research interests are to integrate solution and solid-state NMR with other biophysical approaches and cellular experimentation to address how molecular motions and surface properties modulate collagen and α-synuclein protein interactions at different assembly stages to promote normal function or pathological states.

Honors and Awards:  Henry Rutgers Research Fellow, 1988-1990; Merck Faculty Development Award; 1988-1990; Searle Scholar, 1990-1993; Johnson and Johnson Discovery Research Fund, 1993; Camille &Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, 1993-1998; Margaret O. Dayhoff Biophysical Society Award, 1994; Rutgers University Board of Trustees Scholarly Excellence Fellowship, 1994; Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 1994-1996; Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, England, 2009.

The Protein Society: Member, Protein Society, 2008-Present; Elected Officer, Treasurer/Secretary, The Protein Society, 2008-2011; Member, Executive Council, The Protein Society, 2008-2011; International Program Committee of the Third Asia Pacific Protein Association in Conjunction with the Third Symposium of the Chinese Protein Society, 2010; Elected Officer, Secretary/Treasurer, The Protein Society, 2015-Present.

Service: NSF peer review committees; NIH peer review committees ( Ad-hoc member in MSFB, MSFC, MIRA, R01, and P41), Co-organizer (American Peptide Society Meeting, 1998; ACS meeting 2002; ACS meeting 2019); Executive Committee, Experimental NMR Conference (ENC), 2001-2007; Associate Editor, Biopolymers, 2010-2016; Chair, Biophysical Society Sub-group “Intrinsically Disordered Proteins,” 2015-2017.

Vision Statement: My goal is to maintain and develop the financial stability of the protein society.  This will be achieved by having a long-term vision for the growth of the society and by developing new initiatives within the society.

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