Laura Itzhaki

Education and PositionsBA in Chemistry, University of Oxford, 1989; PhD in Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, 1993; postdoctoral researcher, University of Cambridge, 1993-1998; MRC Career Development Awardee, University of Cambridge, 1998-2002; Group Leader, MRC Cancer Cell Unit, 2003-2011; Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, 2013. Professor of Structural Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, 2017 - current. 

Research Interest: Tandem-repeat proteins, protein folding and engineering, molecular therapeutics, targeted protein degradation.

Honors and Awards: Beit Memorial Fellowship (1995-1998), MRC Career Development Award (1998-2002), Medical Research Foundation Senior Fellowship (2011-2016).

The Protein Society:  Laura has been an active member of the Protein Society since 2007.

Service: Head of Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge. Co-director of Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences.

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